June 29, 2011

Book Excerpt: “Black Woman Redefined”

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In the midst of an era of reality TV like the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives, it is sometimes easy to forget that we are also witnessing another era of reality too. The glorious reality of Michelle Obama. Strong, smart, sophisticated, beautiful, accomplished, loving, loved, and black.

Excerpts from:
The Age of Michelle Obama
An Open Letter to the First Lady of the United States

Dear Mrs. Obama:

Do you have any idea what you mean to us?

By us I mean the strong, independent, accomplished black women of America. I suspect that on some level you do, but because you are the First Lady of the United States, I know that you don’t think along those lines , and you should not. I love that you embrace all Americans and that you are everyone’s First Lady. But please allow me this small indulgence as I share with you how special you are to us. What I am about to say may seem a bit much, but it is important that you know—that everyone knows—how much you have changed and are changing everything for present and future generations of black women in this nation.

“How so?” you may ask.

I’ll tell you how: You humanize us. You soften us. You make us invisible no more. You make us approachable, feminine, sexy, warm, compassionate, smart, affirmed, accomplished, and fun-filled all at once. Your very nature most emphatically answers Sojourner Truth’s 160-year-old question, “Ain’t I a woman too?” Yes, we are women too!

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